I had the luxury of traveling the world and lived in New York City and Paris. Two cities with two totally different styles. In both, I was inspired by the interior of the bars & restaurants, architecture and the homes I was invited to. Morocco is one of my favourite countries because I fell in love with the beautiful, colourful furniture and fun accessories this country has to offer. By traveling the world I curate and collect a lot of amazing, rare and unique pieces that you can find in our webshop. I hope you fall in love with these pieces the same way I did. All the cities and countries I have seen are still a big inspiration for my work. 


I wanted my "About Page" to be a personal letter to you and a love letter to interior design. This is not just my work, it’s my biggest passion and the thing I love most in this world. I am ready to leave my mark but the most important thing is that you feel at home and enjoy your interior every single day. 


My style is fun and eclectic, let’s find yours and get to work.



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My Name is Demi Bo Wilkes and I founded Bo Studio in 2017.  After graduating from my study in Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, I felt that it was time to follow my passion and become an interior designer.


Since I was a little girl dancing around in princess dresses singing to Britney Spears, yes this happened, I remember changing my room ten times a day and always being busy with restyling my parent's house. Interior design is something I grew up with.


My biggest inspiration is my grandmother who lived with a small budget but always knew how to decorate her home in the coolest way possible. She sat the perfect example for me of what a beautiful home should look and feel like


I come from a family with a very diverse background. (Dutch, Chinese, Surinamese, Portugese and Cape Verdean) and I love to play with all these influences when I’m decorating. I’m a firm believer of mixing different styles and influences. Why not put a beautiful vintage piece next to perhaps a modern sofa? My motto is: "Let’s play a little."